Hopkinson Smith has been called the most moving of present day lutenists...he approaches the lute's universe with a musicality which goes far beyond the seemingly limited voice of his instrument. We invite you to explore on this website the magic of his lute and its music.

Pierre Attaingnant Review

Hopkinson Smith "Pierre Attaingnant": The lute is an instrument of fragile beauty. I can’t see anyone plugging in a lute and rocking out. But that’s OK by me. Hopkinson Smith plays his lute with extreme precision and affection, to coin a phrase, as though making love to a woman. And it’s breathtaking. Close your eyes and you’ll be swept away to a time of kings and castles, lush meadows and angels overhead. All of the music on this disc was not written, but compiled by Pierre Attaingnant, who was a bookseller of (primarily) music books. The CD is a trip back in time, and perfect for an afternoon’s worth of reflection.

by Steven J. Athanas (Toledo City Paper)